The name of the club shall be the Blackridge & District Model Flying Club.


The club exists to promote the design, construction and flying of radio controlled model aircraft as a leisure and sporting activity. To this end the club organises training for newcomers, club and interclub competitions and open days.


Membership shall be open to anyone and shall be limited to a size, as decided by the committee from time to time, consistent with the safe and enjoyable use of the flying site.

In the event of a waiting list for membership, priority will be given to West Lothian residents and particularly Blackridge residents.

Each member will be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote thereat.

No club member will use the club's facilities or procedures in order to gain advantage for any commercial interest.

Membership will be deemed granted on completion of the application form for membership and on payment of the annual subscription to the Treasurer.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the last two months of the each year. The secretary shall give three weeks written notice to all members. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by no less than 20% of the members giving two weeks notice to the Secretary in writing of such request. The Secretary shall give the same notice of such meeting to members as for the AGM.

A quorum at the AGM and at the EGM shall be one-third of the total membership.


Subscriptions for each year shall consist of a club fee. There may be differential rates for members under the age of 18.

Subscriptions shall be payable by no later than 31 January following the AGM.

Members failing to pay subscriptions, or any levy imposed (see below), by the due date, shall be deemed to have resigned from the club and their membership thus terminated with effect from that date.

Subscription from new members for the current year paid in the period October to December shall be valid until 31st December the following year.

LEVY- If for any reason the Committee consider it necessary to impose a levy on members during the year an EGM shall be convened for that purpose.


The club accounts shall be audited prior to the AGM at which the audited accounts will be submitted for approval.


The committee shall consist of the following:






Any member of the club is eligible for election to the Committee. The Committee members and the officers of the Committee shall be elected at the AGM or at an EGM (See below). The election will be by a proposer and seconder and by a majority vote in the case of there being more than one nomination for each position on the Committee.

Each member shall retire at the AGM but shall submit his resignation in writing to the Chairman.

Such a vacancy shall be filled by election by the Committee of another club member.

If more than four members of the Committee resign before the AGM, an EGM will be convened in order to elect a new Committee. The remaining members will be eligible for re-election.

The Committee shall meet at such time as it decides but at least four times per year.

The Committee has the following powers:

To co-opt the specialist services of other club members or outsiders as required.

To purchase the equipment, facilities or services in regard to the safety of flying and the enjoyment of members.

At its discretion to warn, suspend or terminate the membership of any member of the club who fails to comply with the flying and safety rules.

To amend the flying and safety rules as required.

To negotiate and pay annually fees or other payments including those in kind for the use of flying sites by the members of the club at the AGM or an EGM.