As with any organisation involved in group activities, our Club is required to operate to a code of practice and ensure that a set of rules regarding the operation of the Site is generated and applied. The following are general rules that all Members must adhere to as a condition of their Club Membership. Members must ensure that their visitors also observe these rules when operating model aircraft on the Club site.

We have tried to keep these rules to a minimum consistent with the safe and enjoyable use of the Club flying site. These rules have been accepted by our West Lothian Council landlords as conditions of the site lease where we are trusted to be self-regulating.

On arrival, check with other flyers on what frequency controls are in operation. If 35MHz radio gear is in use and two or more pilots are flying, the pegboard must be used and a 'pound' set up for transmitters. This is not required if 2.4GHz gear is in use.

All pilots (including visitors) must have valid third party insurance before operating model aircraft at the site. Approved third party insurance cover is available from Scottish Aeromodellers Association (SAA), Large Model Association (LMA) and British Model Flying Association (BMFA).

Visiting pilots may fly at the BDMFC site for a maximum of 3 visits providing a BDMFC Club member is present after which the visitor is required to stop visitor flying and apply to join BDMFC if continued use of the site is required. BDMFC Club members are responsible for ensuring their visitors comply with BDMFC operating procedures including valid insurance and site flying rules.

Only competent pilots may fly unsupervised at the site. Minimum level for instruction of trainees is SAA bronze award (or BMFA/LMA equivalent). Access to a qualified SAA examiner is available and any Committee member will be happy to help arrange for testing to be done at the site.

Helicopters to be flown under the same site rules regarding take-off, landing and general site use as fixed wing aircraft.

No drones or turbine powered models are allowed to fly at this site due to close proximity to the village and the Western boundary of Edinburgh Airport Controlled Airspace zone.

Model IC power aircraft should not be operated before 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays or before 10am on weekdays without written Committee approval. Electric power models may fly at any time. I.C. powered models must cease flying by 9.30pm.

All I.C. engines must be fitted with an effective silencer before starting and when using the Club Flying site must comply with the SAA/BMFA noise level procedures (currently 82dB max. reading at 7 metres). Club noise testing equipment is available for checking models suspected of exceeding this limit.

Ensure the area around you is clear before starting engines and check no one is standing in line with the prop.

Check all model controls for correct operation before every flight.

No smoking in or near the pits or flying areas.

Only use the designated strip (identified by white markers at each end) for take-off and landing, including hand launches. Take-off from the pits area is expressly forbidden.

Pilots may stand behind the model for take-off (after checking with other pilots) then immediately move to the designated pilot's area (shown on the flying field layout page) for flying and landing.

After landing do not taxi off the strip towards the pits area.

Fly only in a Northerly direction from the flying strip. No flying is allowed on the Blackridge side of the strip.

A maximum of four model aircraft may be flown at any time.

Model aircraft must not be flown at a height exceeding 400 feet.

Models must not be flown over the pits area, pilot's area, spectators or the car park and must be flown in a safe manner at all times.

Be considerate to local people using the access track and the path at the North side of the flying site which has been used by walkers for many years. Be aware of their presence and if necessary delay flying until the area is clear.

No vehicles are allowed onto the flying site area whilst the site is in use for model flying except Club Members with a valid Registered Disabled Badge displayed. Club Members' vehicles may enter the flying site for maintenance work providing the site is not in use for model flying.

Close all gates to the access track and flying site after entering and leaving.

Please note that BDMFC Membership is conditional on Members operating to these site rules and code of practice.

If you have any queries regarding the site rules please contact any Member of the Committee.

Updated March 1st 2018